What does A+ Membership do for you?

What does A+ Membership do for you?

When your aging loved ones are faced with challenging questions and are concerned about their future, let us help you help them.  Through a very affordable membership program, we can share a wealth of later life resources on an ongoing basis and provide positive, life-changing solutions.  We also offer services at an hourly rate.

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Medicare Still Confusing to Many Turning 65

Ten thousand people each day are turning 65 in this country.   The majority of them have one thing in common; uncertainty and confusion about how Medicare works. The good news is, there are some basics that can help you sort out your options and set up a timeline of what to do and when to do it. Each […]

Warning for Medicare beneficiaries – what you must know when you are hospitalized

I always try to warn new Medicare beneficiaries about the implication of being under observation versus being an inpatient when you are hospitalized. See the video that I received from the Center for Medicare Advocacy that tells one woman’s story.  As this video points out, this problem is becoming a problem at hospitals all over […]


People with Original Medicare get a “statement” in the mail every 3 months for their Medicare Part A and Part B-covered services. This is called a “Medicare Summary Notice” (MSN). (Medicare loves acronyms!)  The MSN shows all your services or supplies that providers and suppliers billed to Medicare during the 3-month period, what Medicare paid, […]