Concerned for aging parents or loved ones? We can help!

Want to ensure that you can live the retirement lifestyle you dreamed of?

How will you maintain your independence if you need long-term care?

Making tough decisions about living arrangements?

Will your finances be able to keep up with your active lifestyle?

What Does A+ Longevity Do for You?

When your aging loved ones are faced with challenging questions and are concerned about their future, let us help you help them. Through a very affordable membership program, we can share a wealth of later life resources on an ongoing basis and provide positive, life-changing solutions. We also offer services at an hourly rate.

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Medicare Still Confusing to Many Turning 65

Ten thousand people each day are turning 65 in this country. The majority of them have one thing in common; uncertainty and confusion about how Medicare works. The good news is, there are some basics that can help you sort out your options and set up a timeline of...


“I didn’t have a clue what to do with Medicare bills and various matters that popped up, but Lynn handled (them with) support, love, knowledge and expertise.”
— Ken B., Plano

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