Lynn ShankLynn Shank is CEO and Founder of A+ Longevity, a premium concierge membership program designed to help individuals and families address challenges related to aging and loved ones who are getting older. Lynn is also the Vice President and Director Education and Outreach for Texas Assurance Care, Inc.

Lynn is a popular speaker, author, and trusted resource for individuals seeking information on a wide range of topics related to aging. Lynn’s book, “Help! My Parents are Getting Older (and I Don’t Know What To Do) is a practical guide for beginning the challenging conversations that must take place as our families begin to experience the impact of aging and longer life expectancy. Lynn’s unique approach to this popular topic provides insightful strategies that can easily and immediately be adopted by adult children of all ages.

As a National Award winner from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Lynn’s workshops and seminars are in high demand. Participants walk away with practical tools, a sense of direction, and a plan of action that can help family members prepare for their changing roles in the lives of their aging parents and loved ones.