Member Benefits


The concept of A+ Longevity is to provide compassionate listening, caring support, and solution driven consulting for seniors, caregivers, and family members needing help with later life issues.  We provide assistance in navigating the dense and fragmented world of senior benefits and services.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for aging seniors through problem solving and collaboration.  As a bridge to resources, A+ Longevity connects our members, through “managed referrals”, to resources available through community businesses and organizations.

Our cooperative of professionals includes experts in many areas from care management, social work, home care, nursing, and hospice providers, to Medicare psychologists, government regulators and program specialists, CPAs and Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys.   A+ Longevity offers a single point of contact for our members; the professional service providers; caregivers and the family, and provides oversight of the solution process through a collaborative approach.

OUR MEMBERS MAKE ONE CALL. A+ is the place to start when you have a need and you don’t know who to call or where to begin.

A+ Longevity is a concierge membership program that addresses the needs of our members through collaboration with a network of service providers and support systems throughout the United States.  Annual membership dues cover basic benefits and services as outlined below:

Membership benefits are outlined below.  Additional benefits may be added throughout the year.

If interested in membership, call for current pricing 512 343 5400