Help! My Parents Are Getting Older- What Do I Need to Know?

At some point, its possible your parent or parents may need help with more than just changing a light bulb now and then, putting up the Christmas lights, or doing some yard work.   That type of help is all relatively simple to do. . . although finding the time can be challenging- those are things you have been doing all your life.

But what if they develop a serious illness? What is Medicare all about ?   What happens when the company they retired from drops their health coverage and sends them to an “exchange”?  What if they fall or develop health issues that require care at home or in a skilled care facility?   What does long term care insurance do?  What happens if one parent dies – ?  The help they need as they get older, may be outside the scope of your knowledge.

What if you could plan ahead for these situations?  That’s where A+ Longevity comes in.  A+ offers a fee-based consulting program specializing in RESOURCES & SOLUTIONS for seniors and their families; individuals and professionals on a wide variety of aging topics;  Critical Family Conversations on Aging; Medicare & Social Security; Planning for funding Long-term Care; Creating a Personal Pension; and more. Depending on the issue, we may be able to resolve the problem internally. Otherwise, A+ is a bridge to other professional resources which we provide in the form of “managed referrals”.

Depending on the age of your parents and their health situation, there may not be an immediate need for you to be actively involved in “assisting” them.  But as they age. . .  it will be important to collect and organize essential information you will need to have in the event of a health crisis, incapacity, or death.  For more information, schedule an info session by calling 512-343-5400.