“I have tapped into the resource- Texas Assurance Care (specifically Lynn Shank) for several years now and I find that she has been an absolute asset to our community.  She has assisted many of our patients here at Texas Oncology and continues to educate professionals on many of the overwhelming topics related to seniors. I have personally learned extremely valuable information from her that I continue to pass on to our patients. Not only is she very knowledgeable about a variety of topics pertinent to the needs of our patients, she is always prompt in her responses and ensures that all the appropriate tools are handed over to combat the issues at hand.”
Lauren Brandt, Texas Oncology 

“I have known Lynn for a very long time and always recommend her to my friends who need guidance with their senior issues. She is very knowledgeable, kind, caring and always quick to help everyone. You can’t go wrong with Lynn.”
Jo Blaylock, Marketing, Zoom Worldwide

“I needed to be enrolled in Medicare immediately to save additional months of COBRA expense. Lynn knew how to navigate the system and had the right contacts to get my enrollment done in short order. I would not have been able to accomplish it in time. Lynn also has the utmost integrity. She will only recommend what is best for the client. Her services are invaluable. She has my highest recommendation.”
King Cole
Reverse Mortgage Specialist

“Lynn Shank is one of the most knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy people I’ve ever met. She is a wonderful resource and her company provides such a needed service. I have peace of mind since joining A+ Longevity!”
Cerretha Rose

“Lynn Shank is Amazing! Her knowledge of Medicare saved my family $100,000 resulting from billing errors. Her sound advice and breadth of knowledge allowed my family to make some great decisions. Lynn is the best person I know for Medicare and life planning strategies for your elder parents. Thank you Lynn Shank!”
Michael Hofmann
President, Stand Out In Your Business

“I have known Lynn for a number of years now. We have partnered on providing educational seminars to family caregivers. I have had the pleasure of hearing Lynn’s presentations here in Austin as well as in Las Vegas when she was a presenter at a National Senior Care conference. There was standing room only during her presentation in Las Vegas. She truly wants the best for family caregivers and for seniors who need assistance and advice regarding planning for future financial needs.”
Jennifer Scott
Director of Aging Services, Area Agency on Aging, Capital Area

“Lynn is one of the best speakers about senior issues I have heard. She is articulate, knowledgeable and well researched in areas that are vital for senior citizens and their families to know such as “Critical Family Conversations”, current Medicare regulations and options, and long term care insurance claims.   Lynn is untiring in her quest to communicate much needed knowledge about senior issues to elders and to professionals who work with the senior population.”
Victoria Bovard
Senior Services Professional

“My sister and I would be totally lost and overwhelmed by all the financial burdens, dealing with Medicare, and daily problems of living without their caring, unfailing source of help to our family.”
Latreca B.

“Peace of mind was invaluable (regarding) the coordination of Medicare and retiree insurance claims due to surgery and rehab stay.”
Peggy F.

“I didn’t have a clue what to do with Medicare bills and various matters that popped up, but Lynn handled (them with) support, love, knowledge and expertise.”
Ken B.

“Knowing I have a friend in my corner is invaluable.”
Ruth B.

“You have the talent of research and communication skills that allow me to sleep, being certain that my affairs are in the best of hands.”
Keith B.

“Priceless!  What A+ and Lynn were able to save us, not only in terms of time and money but peace of mind, cannot be addressed in terms of money.”
Pat M.
Cedar Park

“I cannot honestly put a value on having A+ Longevity.  They treat me as if I’m their only client.  I’m grateful they chose me and I’m grateful I had the intelligence to accept (membership).”
Carmen B.