Help! My Parents Are Getting Older!


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“I very much enjoyed reading HELP!  My Parents are Getting Older and my perspective is from one who has been through the loss of both parents – my dad when in my thirties and my mom about three months ago.  I found her book to be very informative and felt she was so gracious in her presentation.  I was very fortunate in that Mom was very open and easy to talk to regarding the end of her life – she was very “matter of fact” and didn’t “beat around the bush”.  She wanted to move into assisted living, wanted to sell her home and her car and expressed joy in being in her new home.  Looking back at the book I think Lynn was very thorough in many helpful and caring ways to communicate with our parents and the prompts she lists are very valuable.  Mom never lost her sense of humor.  I told her that the dentist office had called to remind her of her appointment and she quipped “Here I am with one foot in the grave and they want to CLEAN MY TEETH!!!”     We both had a good laugh over that one…”
— Alta K., Marble Falls, TX


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